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Useful Links

This page contains links to local and national services

Local Links:

Muncaster Microbus:

Nearest Doctor Seascale surgery:

National Links:

BBC News
Description: The BBC News website provides comprehensive news coverage and information.

Citizens Advice Bureau
Description: The Citizens Advice Bureau offers help and advice on legal issues in England and Wales. Find details of your local Citizens Advice Bureau for personalized assistance.

Community Legal Service Direct
Description: Community Legal Service Direct is an online government legal information portal, providing valuable resources and information.

DirectGov – UK Government Portal
Description: DirectGov serves as the official website portal for the UK Government, offering a wide range of government-related information and services.

Find a solicitor
Description: “Find a solicitor” guides you on how to locate a solicitor online, simplifying the process of finding legal assistance.

Job Centre Plus
Description: Job Centre Plus is the official website providing resources and services related to employment and job-seeking in the UK.

Met Office
Description: The Met Office website offers weather information and forecasts, providing reliable updates on current and future weather conditions.

Description: Multimap is a UK mapping website, offering detailed maps and location-based services to assist users in navigating their surroundings.

National Rail
Description: The National Rail Enquiries website provides information on train schedules and services, facilitating easy access to national railway information.

Description: OFSTED is the official body responsible for inspecting schools and nurseries in the UK. Their website provides information on educational evaluations.

Phone Numbers
Description: BT Online Phonebook allows users to find phone numbers easily, offering an online directory for quick and convenient access to contact information.

Post Code Finder
Description: The Post Code Finder from the Post Office assists in locating specific postcodes, streamlining address searches for users.

St John’s Ambulance
Description: St John’s Ambulance website provides information about their organization and the services they offer in the field of first aid and healthcare.

The Footprint Trust
Description: The Footprint Trust website offers information and resources related to environmental sustainability and conservation efforts.

The Law Society
Description: The Law Society’s website provides information and resources for legal professionals and the general public interested in legal matters.

The Pension Service
Description: The UK Pension Service website offers comprehensive information about pensions and related services in the UK.

The Police
Description: The Police website provides information about various police forces in the UK, offering resources and contact details.

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People
Description: The Royal National Institute for Deaf People’s website offers information and support for individuals with hearing impairments.

Train Timetables
Description: Train Timetables is an online platform providing access to train schedules and ticket bookings for efficient travel planning.

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